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Anyone storing his gold outside his own four walls can rely not only on a duty-free storage facility but also a further intelligent storage solution. We offer safe-deposit boxes, individual safes, and vaults in various sizes. The vaults can be leased in sizes ranging from 10 to 100 square metres. The safe-deposit boxes and individual safes offer volumes of 3.5–336 litres.

Only certified high-security safe facilities that meet the highest and most modern requirements are leased out in Liechtenstein.

You can use the safe to store precious metals and other valuables, such as jewellery, collectors’ items, or important documents.

Safe for life

The clients can use extended powers of attorney to stipulate all aspects of succession management.

Access and removal conditions

Using an access list, the lessee determines who and with whom individual persons may enter the safe. In additional, the scope for removal on the part of the individuals granted access can be stipulated.

Audit package

Are you abroad, without the time to deliver in person the precious metals you have purchased into your vault? If so, use the service of a reputable auditing firm.

The firm places the metals in storage for you, documents the process, and assumes keyholding powers until your arrival.

Safe-deposit box

from CHF 750.00/year

Max. storage weight: 20 kg
Dimensions: 4.5/27/39 cm (4.7 litres)

Small vault

from CHF 1‘650.00/year

Max. storage weight: 100 kg
Dimensions: 25.6/35.6/29.5 cm (27 litres)

Madium Vault

from CHF 3‘250.00/Year

47/46/36 cm (78 litres)
Dimensions: 47/46/36 cm (78 litres)

Large Vault

on request

Max. storage weight: 1,500 kg
Dimensions: 167/56/37 cm (336 litres)
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