Global storage options

Through our network, we offer our customers the option of storing their precious metals or valuables at different sites.

Our offer

Allocated in the Bonded Warehouse

In our unique high-security buildings, we offer you unique storage opportunities, exclusively in individual custody, in our own customs and domestic storage facility. In Liemeta AG’s individual custody system, we store your physical precious metals completely separately from the stocks of other customers, at your own allocated storage location. The customers’ stock lists include the allocation of the relevant bar numbers or, in the case of coins, the seal numbers of the sealed storage boxes. A 100% guarantee is therefore provided that our customers will receive back only those precious metals that they originally placed in our custody. In our own duty-free storage facility, the customer has the option to store his precious metal stocks (silver, platinum, and palladium) that are normally subject to VAT without actually incurring VAT. Art and gems can likewise be stored duty-free.

Advantages of our storage offer

Advantages of individual custody at Liemeta AG in Liechtenstein:

A high-security building designed specifically for this purpose

Outside the banking system—the client cotrols their own stocks

100% direct ownership—no collective custody

Customs union with Switzerland and member of the EEA

No public debt

Political and economic stability

Long tradition of property protection

Comprehensive documentation of the stocks

Extensive insurance protection including against embezzlement and sabotage included

Storage outside the banking system with comprehensive insurance protection

Through the completely comprehensive insurance including against embezzlement and terrorism, the customer always has comprehensive insurance protection for his stock of precious metals. The customers’ stocks are kept as arm’s length portfolios and are thus shielded from the claims of third parties. As our firm is independent of banks, we are not subject to the increasing restrictions within the banking sector concerning the purchase and issue of precious metals. The customer may inspect his stocks of precious metals at any time and has proof of ownership in respect of each unit. The relevant bar numbers are noted in the customer’s stock account and allocated to the customer. The stocks are held exclusively in individual custody, and the customer can view the full documentation at any time. In the event of a future sale, the customer has detailed evidence of the assets, which covers all precious metal transactions effected.

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